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Grafoprint Mobile Marking | Sunlec International

With Sunlec's Grafoprint system, reliable mobile marking is a whole lot easier. Completely compatible with the Grafoplast® TRASP® system, the Grafoprint unit is light weight and mobile. It is extremely easy to use, and features such as the QWERTY keyboard make it practical for on the job tasks. The unit even automatically prints and cuts to your selected tag length, saving you time and money.

The Grafoprint Starter Kit is a fantastic way to set up your workshop or site with instant marking capabilities, and comes with a bunch of extras such as a durable carry case and 25m of white marking tube.


  • Light weight and mobile
  • 240V mains operated
  • Easy to operate (no training required!)
  • QWERTY style keyboard
  • Completely compatible with the Grafoplast® TRASP® system


  • G117 Grafoprint Printer
  • Carry Case
  • GP33B Black Ribbon
  • Tube Feeder
  • Carousel for tube
  • GP1W 25m White Marking Tube
Grafoprint GP1SK Starter Kit
$1,600.00 + GST

Grafoprint accessories are now available for sale online!

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